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Independents of America (IOA) rewrites the formula for market channel distribution in North America.

We understand that today’s corporate selling methodologies cannot consistently provide distribution and end-user customers with the highest levels of service and professional representation required by selected market channels where hard goods are sold. The need to provide those necessary levels of sales and marketing service has resulted in IOA, the first and only organized, top-level professional sales force in North America.
IOA membership is comprised of two types of groups; the selling member group (independent selling agencies) and the supplier member group (manufacturers). These two groups come together to form a national team, providing professional market channels with the critical element of resource/needs matching.

IOA selling members provide local market knowledge and expertise. These top-line agencies have developed strong and lasting relationships over time and are the top performers in their respective areas of selling responsibility. This is a truly unique strength! IOA selling members quickly and effectively identify market needs through experience and proximity to distributors and end users.

Supplier members, with IOA’s support and input, provide the products, price structures, growth programs, packaging, and merchandising necessary to swiftly and profitably grow distributor sales as well as their own market share, brand equity, and profit. IOA provides them with the tools to effectively satifsy the market needs through the group’s understanding of and nimble reaction to trends and opportunties.

IOA maintains that corporate direct-sell methodoligies cannot consistently, cost-effectively, or profitably provide the local, market-specific resourses required to match the complex and often unique needs of professional markets.

15 York Street, Building 9, Biddeford, ME 04005
Phone: (866) 382-2080 FAX: (207) 286-8500

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