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As a powerful and organized cost-effective selling group covering the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, there are many benefits to working with IOA. Among them:



  • Business security in a rapidly changing marketplace.
  • Continued agency independence, but with the support of a national organization.
  • A unified industry voice that will be heard across North America.
  • Company ownership that increases in value as IOA grows.
  • Solid contractual agreements with high-qualify manufacturing suppliers.
  • The potential for group benefits, such as health insurance, retirement, and investment.
  • The potential for centralized services, such as warehousing, data collection, commissions.
  • Group contract and commission negotiations with participating supplier members.

  • The ability to compete with the “big guys” with the support of a national sales force unified under one banner.
  • Membership in the strongest channel sales group in North America.
  • Lower costs associated with administration, selling, and marketing.
  • Timely and direct communication of programs, product introductions, policies, and promotions.
  • The potential for group services, such as sales training, trade show coordination, advertising placement, warehousing, data collection, and sales & marketing management, thereby minimizing participation costs.
  • The potential to participate in national marketing programs, helping to reduce the cost of “going it alone”.
  • Singular contract and commission negotiation and maintenance.
  • IOA access to industry and channel market information.

To learn more about the specific benefits of working with Independents of America, please fill out our Information Form or Contact Us.

15 York Street, Building 9, Biddeford, ME 04005
Phone: (866) 382-2080 FAX: (207) 286-8500

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